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Company KOGUTEX d.o.o. except retail trade of groceries and other goods, from March 2003., deals with production of homemade mlinci (pasta tatters).

Bag of taters 500gMlinci had always been a symbol of homemade cousine, especially in Hrvatsko Zagorje region. Old fashioned way of preparation, they've always been great addition with all kind of roastmeat, and famous during holidays, when holiday turkey is unthinkable without mlinci. Preparation is more then easy, and they are very cheap as well. We use them for side dish with turkey, goose, duck, chicken, and other roast meats..

Take a look at: Wikipedija-mlinci

You can eat them dry from the bag with jam, marmalade, or hot sauce for tortillas.

turkey with tatersKOGUTEX d.o.o. produce two kind of packages, 250 gr package and 500gr package.

Take a look at referent list, where you can see where to buy our mlinci.

Homemade mlinci KOGUTEX ingredients:
• wheat flour T-550
• salt
• water

Preparation: break out mlinci, put them into percolator, pure hot water over,Kartonska kutija sa mlincima then put them into roast fat, and serve with roastmeat (view video).

Package: PVC bag, 500 gr and 250 gr

Big cardboard pakage: 500gr pvc bags x 12 peace = 6 kg
250gr pvc bags x 24 peace = 6 kg

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