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About us

KogutexCompany "KOGUTEX " d.o.o. had been founded as a family company in 1991., when a first grocerie store in Jertovec was opened. It is registered as a production-commerce and service company.
Founder and the owner of a company is Stjepan Gorički and is representing company independently and individually. Activities of our company are retail trade of groceries and other goods, and production of homemade mlinci (pasta tatters).
Today, we operate in 5 locations: stores in Konjščina, Donja Konjščina, Zlatar Bistrica, Galovec and Bedenica, and production of homemade mlinci in Jertovec.
"KOGUTEX " stores are recognizable in nicely decoration, competitive prices, astonishing selection of goods, kindly personnel, and ability to supply goods by request in a shortest period of time.
Our company has 41 employers.
During the years KOGUTEX d.o.o. strengthened itself and generatedKonjščina good foundations in retail trade in a small region aruond Konjščina and Zlatar Bistrica, and progressed in its growth. Despite of new competition during the latest years ''KOGUTEX'' notes income growth.
We are situated in eastern part of Krapinsko-Zagorska district, in Konjščina county.
Our setting next to Zagreb district, allow our business activity to be more oriented towards Zagreb and Varaždin.

If you wanna enjoy your shopping with convenient prices, kindly personnel, and astonishing selection of goods, visit us in one of our stores.
Take a look at interactive map, how to find us, and how to get there.

Your ''KOGUTEX'' team.